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What You Can Do

Our yards hold huge potential. Plants purify our air and water, store carbon in the soil, and provide food and shelter for our pollinators. By planting native plants and reducing chemical use, we can create a network of habitats to support the flourishing of all pollinator populations. No yard or window box is too small to make a difference!

  • Doug Tallamy 10 things to get you started (link)

  • US Fish and Wildlife Service. How to build a pollinator garden (link)

  • What you can do for pollinators (link)

  • 10 Ways to Add Biodiversity to Your Garden.  Missouri Botanical Garden (link)

  • 5 Tips from Pollinator Partnership (link)

Other resources

Websites referenced in other tabs

  • Xerces Society (link)

  • Pollinator Partnership (link)

  • National Audubon Society (link)

  • US Forest Service (link)

  • Native landscaping in New Jersey (link)


  • Bringing Nature Home: How You Can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants, Updated and Expanded, by Douglas W. Tallamy

  • Native Plant Gardening for Birds, Bees & Butterflies: Northeast (part of Nature-Friendly Gardens series) by Jaret C. Daniels. 

  • Native Plants of the Northeast: A Guide for Gardening and Conservation by Donald J. Leopold.

  • Finding The Mother Tree by Suzanne Simard

  • The Nature of Oaks: The Rich Ecology of our Most Essential Native Trees by Douglas W. Tallamy

  • The Overstory by Richard Power

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